AHPA Dyad Event

We had the opportunity here at Dyad Labs to host a two-day workshop with the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) providing hands-on lab experience with chromatography basics for cGMP compliance. Our new, 30,000 square foot facility provided the perfect setting for demonstrating the unique technological capabilities of our LC/MS/MS, UPLC, and GC/MS/MS systems. Our 16 attendees were trained on fundamental theory and application, gaining a clear understanding of how chromatography applies to real testing situations through direct lab experiences.

“Chromatography methods are a relatively simple, versatile, convenient, and sensitive way to determine and document quality and support specifications, especially for highly processed herbal ingredients or combinations of herbs and extracts,” said AHPA Chief Science Officer Holly Johnson, Ph.D. “Chromatography provides quantitative information about the main active constituents or marker compounds present in herbal products and can be used in fingerprinting of herbs.” Though chromatography is an essential tool in quality control, access to educational resources surrounding the technology is limited. At Dyad Labs, we believe that knowledge is a crucial aspect of strong partnerships and meaningful connections.

Since evolving into a completely independent ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited contract laboratory, we have a new capacity to offer a full range of chemical and microbiological testing services. It is one of our goals at Dyad Labs to utilize our capabilities in part to further the research and understanding around chromatography and other innovative testing methods, and we look forward to expanding this effort further.

We want to thank AHPA, our attendees, and our dedicated lab team for making this event possible. AHPA and Dyad Labs are looking forward to offering a similar workshop in the fall. Please contact Weaver at [email protected] if you are interested in participating.