The Goldilocks Principle states that the optimal solution is often found not at the extremes, but the middle, where things are “just right.” It is true for the temperature of porridge and the search for planetary life, as it is for your quest to find the right laboratory partner. Your challenge is to find the best of both worlds. You need a lab that is large and technically advanced enough to handle your needs, but small enough so that your samples aren’t getting delayed, or being run incorrectly, or leaving you without access to actual lab managers. Yes, Goldilocks may have been guilty of trespassing, but she nailed it when it came to finding “just right.” We promise to do the same. Without the trespassing.


  • The capacity to offer testing found at national,  larger labs

  • Immediate access to laboratory management team and technical subject matter experts

  • Understanding from a manufacturer/brand’s perspective


    • Small enough that we work like your own in-house lab
    • Unparalleled communication and customer service
    • Industry Leading Standard Turn Around Time in as little as 5 days.