Why is Dyad Labs making a change to our laboratory information system?

Keeping track of hundreds of unique tests, with over a hundred samples, arriving from dozens of different customers, running through multiple labs  — every single day — is a huge physical and informational challenge. That’s where laboratory information management systems (LIMS) come into play. As Dyad Labs has grown in size and capabilities, along with our customers’ expectations for faster access to testing results; our existing LIMS needed more horsepower. Our research led us to the LIMS system used by multi-national labs around the world — LabVantage.

What is LabVantage?

  • LabVantage is the leading LIMS system used by health, pharmaceutical and Tier One Laboratories around the world. Organizations such as The Mayo Clinic, More more more.
  • It is a world-class laboratory workflow management system that integrates each instrument in the lab — directly connecting sample information, test prep data, assay and method specifications, and verified test results; increasing lab efficiency and accuracy.
  • With our tailor-made, customer dashboard; Dyad Labs customers can access real-time testing status, and more.

How will this change impact me, as a customer?

Our customers will benefit from this investment in many ways. As our workflow and information management becomes more efficient, we will be able to focus more energy on method optimization and investigating unexpected test results. Specific features that will bring immediate benefits to our customers include:

  • Real time sample tracking and test status updates
  • Real time investigation report notifications and status updates
  • Enhanced online sample submission form with new features
  • Certificate of Analysis / Test Completion email notifications and dashboard access
  • Secure customer access of historical test data and C of A reports