Supply Side West 2018 Takeaways

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  • November 26, 2018

We were delighted to attend the Supply Side West conference a few weeks ago in Las Vegas, Nevada. Not only did we have the chance to meet with many of our current and prospective clients and share the big news about our new facility and capabilities; we also had the chance to gain some key insights on what is happening in the industry. Here are a few things we learned about at Supply Side West 2018.


CBD is everywhere. And looks to become one of the most quickly adopted active ingredient in the nutraceuticals industry, but what does this mean for analytical testing? As we are beginning to see the legalization of medical marijuana expanding across the country and even in our own conservative state of Utah, it is opening the door for conversations about the ID implications of CBD and THC, what label verifications are required and what this means for sourcing, identification, purity and potency testing. This new active ingredient presents new challenges that have taken the industry by storm. These conversations surrounding CBD couldn’t be ignored at Supply Side, and here at Dyad, we are looking forward to learning more with our customers to better understand their needs as they relate to this new ingredient.

Fit For Purpose Testing

While everyone recognizes the need to have testing done at both the raw ingredient level and the finished goods level — as tests become more specialized and accurate, it is becoming more and more important to make sure that specific testing methods are fit for purpose. Finding that balance between what a test can do and what the test should do is key. Many of our conversations this year at SSW focused on how when specific testing methods are truly fit for purpose, they can deliver powerful, accurate information for companies and consumers. When the wrong test is applied in the wrong situation, the results may appear to “give the customer what they wanted,”  but ultimately do not add certainly for either audience.

Transparency In Testing

Science-based nutrition is all about transparency, and this year at SSW everyone was talking about what makes a reputable company. Our VP of technical affairs, Edgar Grigorian explained that brands that are really distinguishing themselves are making transparency their priority. “Gone are the days that you can tell people this is good for you and expect them to take your word for it,” he says, “reputable companies and brands are doing a lot of science.”


Faster Turnaround Times

Recent mergers of large national and regional labs have many in the industry wondering if these acquisitions will speed up or slow down current turnaround times. These questions are highlighting the importance of having a robust third-party lab partner that can do “the hard stuff” and still act as an extension to your in-house lab.

Supply Side 2018 was filled with high energy, excitement, and confidence from the industry. Meeting with customers and companies allowed us to ensure that the customers and companies we choose to work with are heading in the same direction when it comes to quality, safety, and transparency.