UNPA Event

Last month, we had the pleasure to collaborate with the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) to host an inspiring and influential event tapping into the world-class expertise of industry leaders. Addressing four significant opportunities for product development in the nutraceutical/ sports nutrition industry; each speaker provided us with thought-provoking insight on what’s next for the world of nutrition and beyond. Shawn Wells, CEO of Halo Research and ingredient innovator, shared his knowledge on up-and-coming active ingredients that are sure to create new pathways for the industry. Focusing on the power of raw materials, Wells expanded on how brands and manufacturers can utilize the benefits of fresh game-changing ingredients to take their products to the top shelf. Wells gave us insight into ways we can work to manipulate product bases containing innovative ingredients to better serve our clients.

Shawn Wells (left,) CEO of Halo Research, and Jeff Reynolds, Founder, and CEO of Sensapure Flavors and Dyad Labs.


In a presentation titled “What You Should Know Before the FDA Comes Calling,” GMP and FDA compliance expert Jasmina Kanazir gave us an inside look at the evolving landscape of current regulations and compliances. With first-hand experience on how to navigate the rules and requirements surrounding product development, Kanazir inspired our audience with her innovative approach to resource-saving solutions. While new products are entering the market every day, Kanazir and her team continue to emphasize the importance of accurate testing methods and label claim verification.  

Jasmina Kanazir, an expert in quality, process, and efficiency, shares her experience in improving the compliance process for brands and manufacturers across the board.


During the lunch break, attendees took tours of the lab and office spaces and had lunch complete with Sensapure flavored drinks, of course.

We also had the privilege to hear from Joe Chang, Nu Skin’s Science Officer,  who highlighted the import role of product development in building a brands value. Through ingredient innovation and research, NU skin has not only built an $3 Billion brand, but has demonstrated how to make cutting edge technology a key part of the product development process.

Chang explained how controlling your intellectual property and managing your manufacturer can be components in building and growing your brands’ value.

Dr. Joe Chang, Chief Science Officer for NuSkin International shares his process for maximizing product innovation.


Aaron Secrist, Vice President of Quality and Regulatory Affairs at now, highlighted the importance of shelf life validation in brand integrity. While shelf life dating is currently voluntary, brands and manufacturers who lean into the benefits of shelf life dating can minimize their liability significantly. At Dyad, we consider shelf life stability as a vital part of product development, and we were eager to gain more insight into this expansive opportunity for brands and manufacturers.

Lastly, Jeff Reynolds, the Founder of Genysis Brand Solutions (now part of Nellson Nutraceuticals), Dyad Labs, and Sensapure Flavors, shared his perspective on how a robust validation program helps maintain customer loyalty. Reynolds knows that although running quality operations year in and year out is an investment of time and resources, the value of loyal customers is worth the effort.

We want to thank UNPA, our attendees, and supporters for making this event possible. Here at Dyad, we believe that strong partnerships are paramount in creating cutting edge products that work for both brands and your customers alike. We are looking forward to seeking more knowledge and connecting further with the flavor (or lab) community. If you are interested in hearing about future events at Dyad, follow our LinkedIn profile for updates.

Jeff Reynolds, experienced Founder and CEO in the sports nutrition space showing attendees around Sensapure’s brand new building.



Dyad Labs (previously called Genysis Labs) was created as the in-house testing laboratory for a large contract manufacturer of nutritional supplement products. As nationally branded protein shakes, pre-workout drinks and other nutraceutical products sought confirmation that their raw ingredients used in the making of their products were exactly what they claimed to be; Dyad began the work of finding new and more accurate ways to identify, quantify and assess the purity and potency of ingredients and finished goods.

Today, Dyad has evolved into a completely independent ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited contract laboratory offering a full range of chemical and microbiological testing services with the capacity to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the nutraceutical industry. With our brand-new Utah facility housing nine separate labs in over 30,000 sq ft., Dyad continues to provide transparent, specialized systems to exceed the testing needs of leading sports nutrition, direct selling, and food companies all around the world.

Dyad Lab’s instrumentation capabilities include multiple Liquid Chromatography with Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) systems and ultra-pressure liquid chromatography (UPLC) with photo-diode array (PDA) and MS detection. They also include GC/MS/MS and GC/FID analyses; as well as trace metal and mineral testing services by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS) and Direct Mercury Analyzer (DMA). Fat, fiber, glutens, nitrogen analysis, FTIR, water activity, density testing, stability, and several other chemical tests are also available.

To learn more about Dyad Labs and our facilities, explore our capabilities. Together, we are Dyad.