While it is no secret, it is probably a good time to make sure you know about one of our Secret Weapons at Dyad Labs — and that is our partnership with our sister company (we share an address and ownership) Sensapure Flavors.


Successful Nutrition Brands are: Planned to Spec, Built to Spec, Flavored to Spec, Tested and Verified to Meet Spec.

Sensapure Flavors and Dyad Labs can help.


Our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited labs allow us to provide our customers with exceptional confidence regarding their raw ingredients and finished good products. From purity to potency, our testing methods and certified results are trusted by global brands every day. What you may not realize is that having a full service flavor house with product development teams onsite—  like Sensapure Flavors — is an incredibly valuable benefit.

Sensapure can assist with:

  • Organoleptic (taste and smell) services for Stability and Expiration Date testing
  • Product development services to create line extensions and new active ingredient offerings
  • New flavor creation / Transition to all natural and organic flavor and sweetener systems
  • Cost engineered flavor solutions
  • Flavor matching