Every company starts somewhere. Dyad Labs, a sports nutrition manufacturer in Utah, was born into a world brimming with questions about baby formula.

The 2008 Chinese milk scandal captured headlines around the world. Infant formula and other milk products sold in China were found to have been adulterated with melamine. This “non-protein nitrogen,” when added to milk products, gave the appearance of higher protein content than products actually contained. The World Health Organization referred to this event as one of the largest food safety events in modern history.

In the United States, particularly in the nutritional supplement industry, the scandal galvanized support for increased food safety protocols, label claim verification, and customer transparency regarding raw ingredients and finished goods manufacturing.

That same year, 2008, Dyad Labs (then called Genysis Labs) was created as the in-house testing laboratory for a large contract manufacturer of nutritional supplement products. As national brands of protein shakes, pre-workout sports drinks and other nutraceutical products sought confirmation that the raw ingredients they were using in the making of their products were what they claimed to be, Dyad began the work of finding new and more accurate ways to identify, quantify and assess the purity of raw ingredients from around the world.

As the sports nutrition manufacturing business added clients and new types of products to their portfolio and expanded over the years, the lab grew as well.

This increase in capabilities and expertise focused on sports nutrition and functional foods then resulted in the addition of other national and international lab clients and has positioned Dyad Labs as a leader in the Nutritional Supplement industry, as well as a top nutraceutical company in Utah. In 2017, Dyad Labs announced that they had been spun off from their original contract manufacturing owner as part of the sale of Genysis Brand Solutions to Nellson Nutraceuticals, LLC. At that time, the company changed its name to Dyad Labs.

Today, Dyad is an independent ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited contract laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah that provides specialized chemistry and microbiology testing services to the Nutraceutical, Food and Beverage industries. Their new Utah facility contains six separate lab areas with over 20,000 sq. feet of dedicated laboratory space, and office/warehouse space of an additional 150,000 square feet to allow for the addition of new testing services, equipment, and staff. Dyad serves many of the leading sports nutrition, direct selling, and food companies in the country and around the world.