Led by a management team of experts that have diverse backgrounds in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and bioanalytical research fields, Dyad Labs is constantly working on new technologies that offer cutting edge solutions to increasing regulatory requirements and calls for full transparency of the supply chain. Dyad Labs’ expertise helps clients ensure that their raw materials and finished products meet all ingredient, purity, and potency specifications; and are fully cGMP compliant.


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Jeff Reynolds

Jeff Reynolds is an innovator and disrupter of the sports nutrition industry. For the last ten years he has served as the CEO of Genysis Brand solutions — a leading finished goods manufacturer in the sports nutrition industry; and one of the fastest growing companies in Utah. How fast? Genysis Brand Solutions has been honored by both the prestigious “Utah 100” and “Utah Fast 50” seven times in the last eight years.

Under Mr. Reynolds leadership, Genysis Brand Solutions has grown from a basic powdered supplement packaging company, to a trusted, vertically-integrated, turn-key, nationally-recognized, powdered nutritional supplement leader. Based in Salt Lake City, Genysis Brand Solutions delivers a the whole range of best-in-class nutritional supplement services; from new product formulation and flavoring, all the way through raw ingredient sourcing, CGMP testing, blending, packaging, and logistics. 

Three years ago, the industry standard was 4 months lead time from the placement of an order to the delivery of finished product. After implementing the first Lean Manufacturing transformation in the nutrition industry, Genysis Brand Solutions now completes brand new orders in 4 weeks — not 4 months; and fulfills most customer re-orders in DAYS — Not Weeks.

Back in 2008, when Jeff was not satisfied with the state of compliance testing in the industry, he decided to build a contract analytical laboratory. Dyad Labs has become a leading industry compliance-solution center for dietary supplements and foods. With his extensive experience in financial services, information technology, and product management, Jeff Reynolds has guided Dyad Labs from its infant state to the burgeoning laboratory services organization it is today.

After earning his BA in Finance from the University of Utah and his MBA from the University of Southern California, he was employed as a management consultant with Andersen Consulting, an AVP at Pacific Investment Management Company, and a VP at State Street Bank before branching off into his own business and creating Dyad Labs.

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Spencer Carter

Spencer holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Alberta.  Prior to coming to Dyad Labs, he had almost 15 years of experience in bioanalytical CROs in the pharmaceutical industry, and most recently was Lab Director at Tandem Labs (now Covance) and Bioanalytical Director for WIL Research.  He has extensive experience with LC/MS/MS, lab management, method development, validation, and sample analysis.  One of his priorities at Tandem Labs was increasing the efficiency and throughput of sample analysis and developing non-proprietary assays.

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Edgar Grigorian

Edgar holds a degree in biochemistry from the University of Utah. Prior to coming to Dyad Labs, he was a lead chemist and validation specialist for Schiff Nutrition. He has extensive experience in laboratory management, method development, and validation and is actively involved in new method development collaboration programs specifically targeting dietary supplement and food products.

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Tony Nguyen

Tony holds a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine.  Prior to coming to Dyad Labs, he has over 15 years of experience in the dietary supplements, food & beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.  His professional experience includes working for a variety of contract testing laboratories such as ChromaDex Analytics (now Covance) and Certified Laboratories as well as NSF International, a GMP certification body.

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Aihua Liu

Aihua holds a PhD in Pharmacognosy, an M.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and a B.S. in Pharmacy. She has five years postdoctoral training in Nutritional Biochemistry. Prior to joining Dyad Labs, she was the Team Leader of the bioanalytical method development group at Covance in Salt Lake City, which was supporting pre-clinical and clinical trials testing. She has extensive experience with bioanalytical method development, method validation, and sample analysis using diverse state-of-the-art technologies, including UPLC/HPLC, GC, MS, PDA, and FLD. She has authored more than 30 peer-reviewed scientific articles and presented over 25 posters in different international scientific conferences.

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Les Reeves

Les received his education in Biology and Chemistry at Dixie State College and Southern Utah University. Through his previous experience as a research associate and lab manager, he gained years of experience using analytical instrumentation and has become very familiar with GMP manufacturing guidelines. Les also brings a strong background in pharmaceutical development, taking new chemical entities and pharmacokinetic profiles through all stages of development including clinical trials.

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Thao Nguyen

Thao holds a BS degree in Analytical Chemistry from Weber State University. Prior to joining Dyad Labs, she was Quality Control Technical Development Leader at Reckitt Benckiser for 19 years. While there, she gained experience in ICP-MS, HPLC, GC, and leadership management.

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Kevin Whipple

Kevin received his education in Biology at Westminster College. He comes to Dyad Labs with over 20 years of experience. Prior to coming to Dyad Labs, he was a study director/microbiologist at Nelson Laboratories and microbiology team lead at IEH respectively. Throughout his career, he has added numerous methods to the testing repertoire of his labs including a rapid method testing platform, raised the GLP/GMP levels within the lab and development of methods.