We know how you feel. 100%. In fact, Dyad Labs was born as an in house lab for a national nutraceutical manufacturer. We remember the days of sending out samples to labs and wondering, “Are we waiting too long?” “Are we paying too much?” And the more we wondered, the more we wondered who could do a better job, or if we could do a better job in house. And so the concept of Dyad Parallel Testing was born. Downtime is not an option. Delays on tests while the new lab gets their testing methods validated… not an option. The only REAL option… Parallel Testing.


Why we’re better

  • Our parallel test process allows you to “test drive” Dyad, while keeping your current lab processes in place and on schedule.
  • We validate, we cross check, we make sure we can offer you what you need.
  • We build a schedule to show you what the future of testing would look like.
  • What’s in it for you? Better lead times. Cost savings.