Dyad Labs is pleased to offer a new, simple, fast, specific, sensitive and comprehensive pesticide method that quantifies pesticides in botanical and non-botanical dietary supplements.

While previous pesticide testing methods common in the nutrition space would often encounter issues of sensitivity, peak tailing, and matrix effects; this updated, validated, and rapid method finally checks all the boxes for brands, manufacturers and consumers.

The Methods

Dyad’s methods have been successfully validated under the guidance of AOAC / USP / EN testing standards.

Improvements made in four specific areas of previous pesticide testing options.

  • Sample Preparation
  • Sensitivity Issue
  • Peak Tailing Issue
  • Matrix Effect Issue


Our New Pesticide Panel Covers Both Botanical and Non-botanical Matrices

Dyad Labs Has Created a New, Fast, Selective Pesticide Method That Covers 112 Different Pesticides.



Each pesticide has its own limit. Five different curve ranges were designed to cover all 112 pesticides using 9 standard curve points.

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